Online Examination Conducting


    Exam Assessment

Exam Assessment

Our software solution offers complete support for Conducting Typing Test, MS Skill Test and steno examination.

   Exam Infrastructure

Exam Infrastructure

We provide schools and colleges with IT and non-IT infrastructure to the exam industry to conduct online and offline exams.

   Exam Security

Exam Security

We provide experienced security guards and frisking technology to keep out illegal objects in examination premises.

  Exam Support


To ensure smooth exams, we provide experienced manpower support like exam controllers, assessors, observers and panellists.

Exam Logistic

Exam Stationary

To keep exams secure from malpractices we provide secure logistics for exam materials & also procure stationery items for clients.

  Value Added Services

Other Services

We provide hospitality arrangements all over India. We also provide clients with facilities for conferences and training.